Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations! You and your new baby will benefit from prenatal massage. As your body is ever changing, regular massage will help to keep you pain free, and help to support the tiny human growing inside you. Benefits of prenatal massage therapy include improved breathing, increased flow of nutrients to the placenta, postural support, reduced anxiety and depression, and relief of muscle discomfort, nausea, and edema (swollen ankles and feet). If your doctor has stated you are in a high risk pregnancy, or you have a history of miscarriages, you may be asked for a note from your doctor before booking your session.

Heal Massage and Therapy
Please welcome Malika to Heal! I have searched far and wide for the perfect therapist to join Heal and here she is!! Feel free to book with her, its ok!! She would be thrilled to work with you!

"My name is Malika or Mali for short. I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 2020. I was involved in the fields of social work and mental health beforehand. This background compliments my interests in approaching wellness as a holistic collection of key components. I look forward to combining technical training and intuitive touch to create a truly therapeutic and customized experience for you! "

More information to come in the coming days as this all comes together!

See you on the table,

Amanda and Malika