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After working tirelessly every day, you're bound to have a lot of stress and tension build-up. Rather than letting the tension bog you down, experience relief with Heal Massage & Therapy. From deep tissue massages to professional customized massages, we can do it all. Make us your preferred massage specialist in the Brunswick, ME and Scarborough, ME area.

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Everyone's body responds to stress differently. Some folks hold tension in their shoulders, while others feel it in their legs or lower back. Regardless of where you're experiencing pain or tension, Heal Massage & Therapy can help.

We offer several different types of massages, including:

Deep tissue massages: This will relieve your muscles and connective tissue below the surface.
Kid massages: This introductory session for kids includes a massage and education while the parent is present.
Circulatory massages: This will help you restore and maintain full circulation by encouraging healthy blood flow and bringing blood pressure into balance.
Swedish Massage: Uses massage oils to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes over the entire body
Pregnancy massages: This is specifically tailored to expecting mothers and is commonly known as a prenatal massage.
Customized massages: Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve the range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.
Long Covid: The parasympathetic nervous system controls the "rest and digest" response which takes over when a threat is gone and things are calm. Sometimes the body may get stuck in the "fight or flight" response, especially when it's been dealing with an ongoing stress, like long covid. Massage can help with the following symptoms of long covid such as shortness of breath, "brain fog", fatigue, headaches, joint pain and insomnia. Let us help you reactivate your immune system!

You can also prepay up to 10 massages in advance. Sessions can last from 30 to 120 minutes. Call us to schedule a massage appointment today.

What does my massage session include?

At Heal, your health is important to us. Each session is customized to your needs. Here is what you can expect during your session:

• Consult / Intake
• Assessment / Massage session
• Free topical on problem areas which can include BioFreeze to cool things down or Arnica for an Anti-
• Outake / Overview of findings during your session
• Education on how to care for your problem areas at home along with stretches, if needed.

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