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Amanda Gould, LMT uses Graston Technique® therapy to treat soft tissue injuries.  Graston Technique® effectively breaks down scar tissue and reduces the inflammation that causes pain, loss of motion and stiffness.  Using stainless steel instruments, Graston irons out the tangled tissue that is causing dysfunction. Along with warming up, stretching, strengthening, and ice, Amanda can help to rebuild the soft tissue injury into healthy, functioning tissue again.

Graston Technique® speeds rehabilitation and recovery, reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medication and allows the patient to continue everyday activities.

Graston Technique has been clinically proven to achieve quicker and better outcomes in treating:

• Achilles Tendinosis/itis (ankle pain)
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (wrist pain)
• Cervical Sprain/Strain (neck pain)
• Fibromyalgia
• Lateral Epicondylosis/itis (tennis elbow)
• Lumbar Sprain/Strain (back pain)
• Medial Epicondylosis/itis (golfer’s elbow)
• Patellofemoral Disorders (knee pain)
• Plantar Fasciitis (foot pain)
• Rotator Cuff Tendinosis/itis (shoulder pain)
• Scar Tissue
• Shin Splints
• Trigger Finger
• Women’s Health (post-mastectomy)